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Pro Video UK are wedding video specialist.  We can offer wedding video in Newbury and Wedding Video in Berkshire.

Not only can we film your wedding we also offer a service where you can film your own wedding and we edit all the footage to make a great film. 07766 754944



Wedding Video Film Production & Live Video Streaming Services

Wedding Films

We now produce a 5 minute highlight film set to music filmed in shallow depth of field look for the “Cinematic Journey”. We use the “Time Shift” editing skill in the post production to help make the film more interesting and beautiful.

Only £550.00 no hidden extras.

Many years of wedding video experience we have now “tuned” our offerings to the most popular and pocket friendly Wedding video.

Not everybody has thousands to spend after all the wedding days cost enough so we have made a cost friendly way for you to get this done.

Filmed in 4k and with a instagram shallow depth of field look you will hardly notice we are there with our small camera. Don’t let the day get away without having a nice film.

We still have some dates available for this year and taking 2020 bookings of course, contact us now and let’s get this day filmed.

We only record bride prep at a civil weddings venue not at Brides house , this price is 90 mins before the service and takes us up to the first dance or before 9pm

What date do you have in mind ? Please email me the dates and location and lets see what we can do. Its not too late, contact us. 07766 754944

Below is an example of the style, pretty good huh ! 07766 754944 Please contact us now ask for Darren

2, Event Video Streaming Services for Corporate or Weddings or any live events you are having.

3, Video Production for Corporate & Commercial

4, Video Editing Post Production Services including voice overs, Graphics and animation

5, Videographer Cameraman Services

6 Conference Filming & Highlight films

Please contact us so we can Live Stream your Wedding so your friends and family who cannot make the day can watch !

If you think our services might help you please get in touch, 07766 754944

With Video streaming of live events really picking up now we can use all our professional cameras and equipment to help live stream your event. We can live stream Weddings as well as streaming corporate presentations to applications like Facebook & Zoom and more. If you would like more information on our web video streaming services please get in touch !

Here at Pro Video UK we have worked with many blue chip companies across the UK & Europe. With over 20 years in the industry we have filmed interviews at CEO level , live event highlight films, surgery videos, filming from helicopters as well as white background filming. If you are a corporate and need trusted experienced video production then please get in touch.

We have filmed for companies such as Vodafone, Xura, BBC, Pepsico and many many corporates.

Of course if you have already have video content and you need people to re edit, cut bits out, add bits, add music and maybe shorten the video

we offer this video editing service. We have extremely fast fibre internet connection and we can receive and send videos in just a few minutes making your editing journey with us breeze !

We supply Camera Operators all fully kitted out to help your video. We have all the equipment needed from lighting to all sound and amazing high quality cameras from Canons to Sonys to Panasonic to 1080p to 4k if needed.

If you are having a conference and need the presentations filmed them we have the perfect kit for this. We have filmed 3 days events on 3 cameras and edited them all down so the content can be used on intranets as well as youtube so people can watch the videos after the event.

Pro Video UK is the partner company of Kingsbridge Audio Visual aka KAV Productions. If you need Audio Visual Equipment from PA systems to Projectors, Lecterns, screen and Microphones please hop on over to see them at

Contact us at 07766754944

Pro Video Uk Films

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For Audio Visual Equipment hire please contact

1. Turns out it's your "ring finger" for a reason. Engagement and wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it was once thought that a vein in that finger led directly to the heart.

2. Queen Victoria is credited with starting the Western world's white wedding dress trend in 1840 — before then, brides simply wore their best dress.

3. If your bridesmaids are less than thrilled about matching dresses, tell them they're good luck! The tradition of matching maids dates back to Roman times, when people believed evil spirits would attend the wedding in attempt to curse the bride and groom (how rude). Bridesmaids were required to dress exactly like the bride in order to confuse the spirits and bring luck to the marriage.

4. On a similar note, brides traditionally wear veils because ancient Greeks and Romans believed they protected her from evil spirits.

5. The tradition of a bride wearing "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue," comes from an Old English rhyme. Something old represents continuity; something new offers optimism for the future; something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness; something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity.

6. Wedding cake  comes from ancient Rome, where guests broke a loaf of bread over the bride's head for fertility's sake.

7. Ever wondered where the phrase "tying the knot" came from? In many cultures around the world — including Celtic, Hindu and Egyptian weddings — the hands of the bride and groom are literally tied together to demonstrate the couple's commitment to each other and their new bond.

8. If you thought we were over the spirit thing, think again. According to tradition, the groom carries the bride across the threshold to valiantly protect her from evil spirits lurking below.

9. June weddings are not a new thing. The Roman goddess Juno rules over marriage and childbirth, hence the popularity of June weddings.

10. Ancient Norse bridal couples went into hiding after the wedding, and a family member would bring them a cup of honey wine for 30 days — or one moon — which is how the term "honeymoon" originated.

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