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Pro Video UK are wedding video specialist.  We can offer wedding video in Newbury and Wedding Video in Berkshire.

Not only can we film your wedding we also offer a service where you can film your own wedding and we edit all the footage to make a great film. 07766 754944



Friends film it Wedding Video 

Most of your Wedding guests bring their mobile phones to a Wedding and are always filming those special moments at the Wedding!

so ...ask your Friends to film it!

We edit it to make a fun video ! 


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As mobile devices becoming more mainstream and the video and photo quality are amazing,  sometimes its fun to get some friends and family to film clips of the wedding day, then after the wedding ask them to send the footage to us and where our talented video editors we can make the clips into a fantastic film with graphics and music, we want you to film your own wedding and have fun

Whats more our video editing prices are from only £200 !   contact us now ! 

ask your Friends to film it!


Please read below for a guide of how easy it is to do this and some pro tips in order get your friends to film your  Wedding.

Friends film it Wedding Video 

You may have already had your wedding day and are finding that friends and family who went to the day already have loads of photos and videos on their smart devices, if this is the case we can still make a wedding video for you !

Don't let this precious opportunity pass, ask friends and family to send us all the footage and let us get working on it. We can still make a film your own wedding video for you


Lets do this! Friends film it Wedding Video


Try to get some bridal preparation as well as some groom preparation, Get messages from the bride about how excited she is and a little message to the groom!

Get some outdoor shots of the location, civil reception venue or church

Of course you cant film all the service but films some clips

Get plenty of messages from friends and family

The more you film the longer a video we can make

Try and get the important bits of the wedding

Always make sure you phones have plenty of power

Once the Wedding day is over you then need to ask all the guest that filmed or took photographs ( we can include photos too ) to send them to us ( we can setup a free drop box account to put all the videos in ) 


 then all we need is your names and the date and we are ready to go we are ready for you to film your own wedding

lets make something fun ! 


So what abut the music ? Can we share the fun film online with Facebook ?

If you want to share it online let us know then we can use our own music from our own library. If you want to use commercial music you can but it cant go online its for home viewing only as our PRS license does not allow commercial music online.

The next step is to contact us us to let us know of the date so we can start preparing this end,

Of course you dont have to be local to us to have the film made by us, that's another of the benefits of filming it yourself!

And very importantly if you want a great film, make sure you have fun, and remember this is phone footage from the day nobody is expecting "Spielberg quality"  and that's whats makes the film more fun, its more real !

any questions at all please ask !

Of course our skill is in the editing, this will still look like mobile phone footage but don't panic, we will make it into a fantastic keep sake !

We do not use DVD anymore so delivery will be emailed to you as a link to the file to download copy and share ! 😀

Friends film it Wedding Video

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